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Well dang me. I don't understand this now. I was getting ready to update my backup with SuperDuper and it says my Time Machine is using the internal HD too? Can this be? I looked and could not find it on the HD.

So from my previous post, can you see anything I've done wrong?

For whatever reason TM chose my internal HD to make a folder named: Backups.backupdb/katescomputer, and it remained empty throughout all TM backing up, I don't know. I tried deleting that folder and running TM but it reappeared and remained empty.

.. I don't get why you have SuperDuper restarting then booting from the backup, and why it mentions making a restorable dmg.

I always had SD restart/boot from the backup to make sure it was valid and working.

The dmg? I don't know. Sounded like another insurance clause for free smile.

This little bit of sad news, though not earth-shattering, I can live without my TM recent backups. [sad] In the SD screen capture, it says it will replace TM backups on my external HD with my internal HD TM info -- which was empty/none/zilch.

I do have a valid, working, bootable backup of my now internal HD.

Also take a screen shot of Fantom Backup, and the window in SuperDuper under Options.

Will do that in a few.


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