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Why are you using 2 backup softwares?

I don't see your Macintosh HD (your boot drive) listed in the time machine prefs. *I will comment on that in another post/ ethel

If by two backup softwares you mean SuperDuper and Time Machine. Here was my thinking. I always kept a bootable backup using SuperDuper or some other ancient long gone app. So if I was left without an working hard drive, I had a backup.

Then Time Machine came along and I didn't see how I could use the TM backup to boot my Mac with or see the usefullness in that regard so I kept up with the SuperDuper backups. I do use TM to get lost files, etc. because it is fast and convenient.

However, as noted in previous posts, John, and now include Jim, somehow I must have tricked TM to thinking it was using my internal hard drive and an external to back up TM stuff. Hence, Mavericks gave me the message both were being used and Mavericks would not install on internal hard drive.

More to follow.