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Yep looking forward to the new Keynote and Pages ! Use them a BUNCH !!

Well priced my MBP and it's gonna be around $1400-1500 even with the Ed Discount of $100 ! eek

Come on Apple... I'll be standing up there lecturing with my MBP open and that beautiful Apple Logo staring ~70 students in the face !! NOW Multiply that X 3 !! Isn't that advertisement worth > $100 ?? shocked

Oh well Barclays to the rescue !! 0% for 18 months ! grin
$100 / month and it's PIF 3 months before the deadline ! wink

I thought you retired???

I have been using my iPad for lectures and presentations and my iPhone as the remote. I only have to teach a couple of seminars though. I just updated Keynote on my iPad and have a presentation Friday I will get to give it a try.