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Really nice working in " tha yard" in the cool crisp weather...

Getting the vegetable beds prepped for next spring- mulching leaves, turning soil, getting grass along edges out... etc. My soil need LOTS of conditioning. Basically 1 step above sand !! frown

Okras and 'maters been gone for a week ! So hot this summer they were almost stewed on the vine !! whistle

not one bit jealous
of that 'mater-stewing heat this summer eek

smart move prepping the soil NOW for next Spring
Dry leaves, green clippings... horsey & chicken poo
are also a big plus. (watch WEEDS THOUGH!!!)
The beauty of A COMPOST HEAP is the internal temps
actually get high enough to cooks/kills weed seeds.

Then wet'er down & let it stew until next Spring.