seems kinda' silly

but that's what happens to me if I stand too long
especially when I try too hard to stand STILL. frown
My stroke left me with permanent vertigo. I was
directed to sit down as soon as I recognize the
symptoms coming on... uh huh. smile WHERE? crazy
...wth do you sit down in grocery stores, etc.?
...just flop down on the floor..? eek

That's why I have to travel with a seated walker.
it only takes a few minutes for the dizziness
to pass.. but during that time falling from even
just a standing position can break bones if you
can't "catch yourself". Walking (crossing streets
and such -- even negotiating the 13 stairs to get
into my 2nd floor apartment has become a challenge.

Poor Girl...
it's all so embarrassing
since most people don't understand.

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