Consider this a strong endorsement and a heads-up for Epson scanner and MFC users.

I've been using VueScan with outstanding results since OS9 days with every scanner and MFC I've owned, and Ed Hamrick (the man behind the app) has been consistent and diligent with version updates.

Last summer I bought an Epson WorkForce 7520 MFC (which, BTW is proving to be the best damned machine I've ever bought), and of course VueScan is compatible with it. Except for one issue: I could not complete a duplex scan cycle, even though there's an appropriate setting in the VueScan prefs/control menu. However, that process works via Epson's own proprietary scan software, which rules out a hardware problem. So I waited through a few VueScan updates, and when there was no improvement, I emailed Ed Hamrick and described the problem. He asked me to install WireShark and send him the report.

A few days later a new version was released, which seemed to solve part of the problem, but actually presented a new issue. I let Ed know and he had me send him the vuescan.log file. Again, a new update a few days later, but still no joy, and I passed along the bad news.

The day before yesterday he told me he's ordered the same MFC so he can engage in hand-to-hand combat with this demon and release a fix next week.

Now that's what I call customer support! smile