Just goes to show and prove that the Neanderthal race did NOT die off 10,000 years ago !!
The guy who claims to have found DNA evidence of the Abdominal Snowman must have gotten it from this idiot !!

You just can't argue with these imbeciles... like someone said - "they'll drag you down to their level (IQ=10) and beat you with experience !! "

1. They do NOT recognize facts so you can never prove anything to them -

2. Rarely even if they realize they've been cornered and lost the argument- they quickly change the subject

3. they're not even intelligent enough to realize how STUPID they are (aka Palin, Bachmann, Gohmert, & Cruz)...

4. they believe fairy tales and live in the twilight zone and think it's reality , so it's a lost cause...

I was watching Ed Schultz and he had a clip of a Palin interview with Fox. She went on this rambling rant that was SO disconnected and fuzzy even the Fox reporter looked puzzled ! (Like WTF did she say ? - why is she on MY program?)

Ed asked Stephanie Miller her thoughts about the interview & she apologized to Ed and said " I'm sorry Ed, I don't speak caribou !" laugh

This guy that was interviewed speaks caribou !!! wink