While I admittedly stayed blissfully unawares
of the popularity of Zombies, other than the
VooDoo religious aspect brought over from the
olde country... I hadn't considered the danger
of youngsters becoming desensitized to shooting
people (any more than any other violent "GAME"
of which I also never partake) (Perhaps it's
something else the NRA needs to factor into
it's argument between Gun-Ownership/Control..?)

But what I've found disturbing is the "Vampire
Craze" ..again.. that I never watch (except, of
course, the Johnny Depp/Tim Burten version of
"Dark Shadows" ... and that for it's "campy"
spin on the one-time popular daytime Soap Opera)

...but GLORIFYING Vampirism... and hyping the
sexual aspects as a sales mechanism, disturbs
me not from a moralistic or religious aspect,
but rather a health issue (both mental and as
physical ((from blood borne diseases)) and of
course MURDER (intentional or otherwise) just
too damn many people buying into it as a life-
style... seriously! Drinking Blood? eek wtf?

As far as the Roadrunner & the "What-If-Factor"
of harmless fantasy... I freely admit it...
I was raised on the Classic (un-Disney-fied)
Faerie Tales... like when the Little Mermaid
DIDN'T Grow legs & Live Happily Ever after...

For one thing, she'd already cut her own tongue
out to pay for the ability to walk on dry land,
and dies as the first rays of dawn strike her
the morning after the Prince marries the the
girl he mistakenly assumes had saved his life,
being the ex-Mermaid couldn't tell him otherwise
(..having cut out her tongue to be with him..)

LOL and this was a MORALISTIC TAIL TALE...
For CHILDREN...since in not stabbing the Prince
and letting his blood flow out over her feet, that
woulda'/coulda'changed them back into a fishtail,
she acquires a SOUL instead.. and goes to Heaven...
...AFTER 300 YEARS! blush -huh???


it's understandable why Uncle Walt fluffed 'em up.

"The Little Mermaid"
as written by H.C. Anderson