Interesting article about the motivations of those who voted against the bill (you know which one):

"In the House, Reps. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia and Steve Daines of Montana supported the bill. All three are well-positioned to win the Republican nomination for Senate seats currently controlled by Democrats.

Cotton is challenging vulnerable Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., the son of the state's former senator and governor. Cotton said supporting the bill gave Congress time to "stop Washington's out-of-control spending," but his vote put him at odds with the Club for Growth. The group has supported Cotton and been airing ads in Arkansas criticizing Pryor's connection to Obama's health care law."

I think this could be used against them too. Any challenger for a seat these guys want to keep should wait for a debate and then ask the question, "If it came down to it and your vote had actually been necessary to pass The Bill, would you have voted for the gov't to default and keep in a state of shutdown to further your ideological interests" I'd love to hear the "ums and ahs while they tried to think of a way to answer that.

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