Time for Boneher to fall on his gavel.

This useless tool is a chickenshˇt fraud and not worthy in the least of the title of Speaker. As we learned last evening, Jim "Waterloo" DeMint is actually the Speaker of the House, and Ted "Eyebrows" Cruz is the House Republican Whip.

This outcome was — as it should be — inevitable. But at what unnecessary cost? The wasted dollars are bad enough, but the other costs are immeasurable, and in some cases irreversible. Boneher should lose the Gavel (although, I shudder to think of who might replace him with the Repugnicans still in the majority eek ), and Reid should discipline Cruz, Lee, and the other TP thugs by kicking them off of and preventing them from being assigned to any Senate committees. Relegate them to Senate towel boys. Let them pick up Bo's dogshˇt from the Rose Garden.

The voters will punish these turds in '14 and '16. But they need to feel the pain now! Ugh...