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Sometimes one just has to walk away. You might feel it in the pocketbook but you will feel better about yourself later. A comfortable working relationship it worth something.

Prolly more on the magnitude of "Drowning Puppies"

but yeah...
sometimes one has to over-ride the pocketbook just to
be able to look at yourself in a mirror every morning.

Ted's machine shop got a multi-million dollar contract
to make the prototypes for the delivery system for
DU Weaponry during the 2nd Gulf War
<-klik 4 story

When I found out about it, I showed him exactly what
they were asking of his Medical Device Machine-Shop
The next morning he explained it to his boss, who
made the decision to pass on the contract.

Someone else "delivered the goods..."
...but at least Ted and his company don't have THIS
type of Karma to deal with for the rest of their lives.

Extreme birth defects in Iraq due to depleted uranium