Steve, for me this would be serious indicator to drop this client and move on. … maybe my west coast mentallity looks at this midwest militia gun-loving bs and freaks a little … but I would walk

whoa guys. Steve and I have very similar careers and self-run creative professions …. and after many conversations over many years I think we also have similar calibre of clientele as well as our professional stature in our respective markets. I live and work in a Southern California resort community and am not ever confronted by the gun-toting Teabag blowhards that can be found in Dayton, Ohio … of which Steve has had one major client that fell into that category. The last one he walked away from, yes? He made a choice to walk then and I believe it was made purely on client attitude based on their personal politics getting in the way of things like respect, politeness, and likability. <bleh> My opinion is that clients that pull you into uncomfortable working relationships make uncomfortable clients. Same goes with clients just becoming jerks, bad with writing checks, or developing conflicts of interest… it happens. In the work that I do, I pick and choose my clients. It's based on fees generated, but equally on the nature of the work and the relationship with the client.