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Also says something about our American obsession
with inserting in "A Love Interest" into every
movie ...whether the author intended to or not...

You also need to consider that it was initially
A) written as a bed-time-story for his kids
B) that grew into an ANTI-WAR Epic once his sons
got old enough to serve in combat during The War.

It's no big flip that they introduced a female
from the order of Lesser (Sylvan) Elves to bring
more of Legolas's background to bear.

After all, Elves don't self-generate, no more
than do Dust-Bunnies develop into living Mice. wink

I wasn't thinking love interest, but rather an independently functioning female heroine of some sort. The love interest is certainly there in Eowyn, want-to-be-man though she is.
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