I know it's Nikita (after all I saw that live on TV blush ).... sorry I hadn't heard about BO's stance on the 14th.

BUT I just can't see him letting us go over the cliff. He has something up his sleeve to be so cool and confident, and defiant (rightfully so) after giving in several times before...

ANY thing is better than default !! I think he's put that forward (he won't do it) so that it'll push the GOTP to give in and pass a clean CR and DC. ... either that or to give him 4-6 months to negotiate, NOT 6 weeks which is insane for MANY, MANY reasons !!! He has them in a checkmate position and he's taking EVERY advantage. grin

Regardless, after this current crisis passes or is kicked down the road, I think Boehner is "Toast" !! His days are numbered. Cantor will throw him under the bus in a heartbeat. whistle
David (OFI)