How devilish... and anti-christian !

Well the GOTP must change them... shocked

Sunday will become Sonday (for Jesus - son of God)

Monday will become Maryday.. (for the virgin Mary)

Tuesday will become Jewsday (for the origin of our Christian religion- old testament)

Wednesday will Wedsday (reminding us of the sanctimony of marriage and avoid anything or person gay)

Thursday will become Theoliday (reminding us of theology should be in every aspect of our lives including all public institutions like schools, courts, legislatures, etc.)

Friday will become Fryday (reminding us if you don't accept Jesus or you're not a devout conservative Christian, you'll fry in hell)

Saturday will remain Saturday but instead will remind us we must be saturated with our religion at ALL times least we turn to sin and evil and become a godless democrat (see Fryday) !! whistle
David (OFI)