Damn. Feelin'' like a virgin here, and still glad I never bothered. Little Sister fooled around with it for awhile, so . . . yeah, I can stalk anybody including all y'all through her. So Really laugh

I just never got it. I have buds here in Houston who had and still have family serving overseas. Knowing that parents and children can stay in touch in spite of their deployment? Priceless.

I understand its power as a marketing thing too. But hello? If you don't have it? You're considered dead in the digital water? I write content for startups now, and . . . even that's skatin' on the edge of reality.

Call it a brave new world, but consider ~ It's been a brave new world since the first lighting strike put fire in our hands. We'll always move forward, and we'll always completely fk it up along the way. Reference Emergence. Killer book, and credit to Cope [wherever you are, Sweet Southern Florida Pea wink ]

Otherwise? Way too weird for this MacBabe.

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I always deserve it. Really.