Here’s another useful but undocumented keyboard trick that will help you quickly switch between numerical (123) and alphabetical (ABC) keyboards on your iOS device.

Let’s say you are typing a document and need to insert an email address in your text. Now the “@” symbol is not available on the alphabetic keyboard so you’ll first have to switch to the numeric keyboard (?123), tap “@” and then again switch to ABC mode.

That’s three keystrokes for typing one key. There’s a simple option as well – just press the ?123 key, slide the finger to reach the “@” key and then lift the finger up to release the key. You can use the trick to type numbers, punctuations marks, currency symbols and all other characters that’re found only on the numerical keypad of your iPhone or iPad.


If you want to change the style of quotation marks or need to use a longer dash punctuation mark instead of the default hyphen, press and hold the corresponding key. For typing the degree symbol in your email message, switch to the numeric keyboard and hold the ’0′ key for a while


If I don't use these things I'll foget them lickity split! smile