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the plutocrats simply followed the 3 step recipe of Joseph Goebbels (Minister of Propaganda under Hitler)
1. Always have an enemy (Govt., Obama, gays, Muslims, liberals etc)
2. Always be the Ultra Patriot (look at the names of the Tea Party groups, Fox news sets, etc)
3. Always have the infrastructure to control the message. After the Fairness Doctrine was repealed by the GOP talk radio saturated the country with lobbyists masquerading as hosts like Rush, Savage, Beck, Hannity etc. but the real power was the hundreds of local hosts that repeat their message and interact by phone with listeners.
Today we have a handful of large corporations owning over 90 percent of media. The plutocrats have hundreds of think tanks, radio stations (over 90 percent conservative), Fox, newspapers and STILL Americans believe the media is liberally biased. Why? because they have heard it over and over and over again. Americans believe the GOP is the fiscally responsible Party even though debt and deficit historical facts disprove that. They believe the right cares more for our troops. Again, if you look at the voting records of GOP Senators votes that support the actual soldier and his family it is a disgrace. They do, however vote for the defense contractors and private military Industrial complex.. Why? because we have been told these things over and over and over. I was surprised myself when I read a study and then researchedf the voting records of dems and R's regarding our troops. I hope people google these things and see how manipulated they have been.