ďThis morning I had a chance to speak with Speaker Boehner and I told him that I am happy to talk with him and other Republicans about anything. But I also told him that having such a conversation, talks, negotiations, shouldnít require hanging threats of a government shutdown or economic chaos over the heads of the American people. Think about it this way: The American people do not get to demand a ransom for doing their jobs. You donít get a chance to call your bank and say ĎIím not going to pay my mortgage this month unless you throw in a new car and an Xbox.í If youíre in negotiations around buying someoneís house you donít get to say ĎWell, letís talk about the price Iím going to pay and if you donít give me the price Iím going to burn down your house.í Thatís not how negotiations work. Thatís not how it happens in business. Itís not how it happens in private life. In the same way, members of Congress and House Republicans in particular donít get to demand ransom in exchange for doing their jobs. And two of their very basic jobs are passing a budget and making sure that America is paying its bills. They also donít get to say ĎUnless you give me what the voters rejected in the last election Iím going to cause a recession.í Thatís not how it works. No American president would deal with a foreign leader like this. Most of you would not deal with either co-workers or business associates in this fashion and we shouldnít be dealing this way in Washington. Iíve heard Republicans say this is reasonable and entirely appropriate, but imagine if a Democratic Congress threatened to crash the global economy unless a Republican president agreed to gun background checks or immigration reform. I think itís fair to say Republicans would not think that was appropriate. So letís lift these threats from our families and from our businesses and letís get down to work.Ē Ė President Obama (10/8/13)