We have Giant Eagle stores around here, they also sell gasoline. For every $50 in stuff at the store you buy you get 20 a gallon off. My cat stuff, litter and food, is actually cheaper there than anywhere else even without the extra off gas. With all of my cats it doesn't take too long to get to free gas along with my grocery purchases, and I do price comparison shop so it's not like I buy everything there.

They allow up to 30 gallons per purchase at the one use reduced rate, IOW if you have $4 in fuel perks and gas is $3.5 you have 50 left in gas discounts. One vehicle only but you can bring gas cans. Last week gas was 3.29 and I had a 3.30 discount. I filled up the tank, and three 5 gal gas cans, got 30 gallons for free.

With 30 gallons, every time I shop it works out to 12% off my bill in the end.

Edit - Sorry, I guess I went back on topic by not going political. Give it a rest once in a while, okay?