The President needs to make a statement to the country in prime time from the Oval Office. He needs to state four things directly and clearly.

1. The Affordable Care Act is law, it is upheld by the Constitution as ruled by the Supreme Court and it is funded outside of the continuing resolution funding bill and the debt limit debate.

2. It is the choice of Speaker Boehner not to bring the clean CR bill to a vote in the House where there are enough Republican and Democat votes to approve it and immediately end the government shutdown and the harm it causes the country.

3. It is the choice of Speaker Boehner not to bring a clean debit limit bill to a vote in the House and avoid a default and the long term harm that it will cause the country, both the financial markets and main street, as well as create disaster and uncertainty in the global economy. Hundreds of millions of people globally will be finacially harmed, $trillions will be instantly lost.

4. A debt default is clearly, unambiguously & solely accountable to Speaker Boehner and his GOP allies , and all consequences of the default is the desired, planned and direct result of actions by the GOP body of the House and Senate to subvert the democratic process.