While perusing their iPhone Decals
I noticed that SOME of the decals that covered
Both Back & Front..some also had the same pattern
on the Start-Up & the App Screen.. purdy kewl! cool

And I pretty much took for granted that it was
pulled-off via a simple Wallpaper Screen Image,
but for the hellovit, I contacted the dealer...

Dear Sirs,
I see that some of your iPhone Decals show the FRONT Decal
wherein the Picture on the Decal continues on the open iPhone,
where you can see the decal picture & the iPhone Buttons ...?

How is this accomplished?

Thank You In Advance

He got back to me within the hour:

hello, Ok this is done via the internet ..After the purchase we can send you an email that is called a Wallpaper image....It is the same image as the rest therefor it looks like the screen is also covered.. Its fairly high tech and we offer this at zero cost....
"...or am I a butterfly dreaming she's a woman?"