I really was born in a trailer park down here, but I think this delicacy cuts across class and region ~ If it doesn't? That just means that Anthony BoredBrain really is a dick (Yes, it's true. He is a dick).

OK, that doesn't make much sense, but try this for mouth feel ~ A fried baloney and grilled cheese sandwich. Seriously, peeps, it's simple, cheap and [insert Homeresque Drool] earns serious cred if you're in a white trash mood.

Yes, there are rules. It has to be on cheap white bread with Merican cheese [shout out to Bill Murray ala Stripes], and the baloney has to be fried up before it becomes a part of the sandwich that simmers and entices . . .

OK, so I guess I enjoyed this one way too much.

Anybody beat that with a better sandwich? I'm not gonna be real regional about this. Good is just good. [UnLadyLike MacBabe belch laugh ]


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I always deserve it. Really.