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Isn't that two in a row for you?
Yeah, but there's 10 still around. It's been around 7 or so in the last 5 years, all but one were 15 years or older, but it's never easy. One was 23. The oldest is now 12 so hopefully it will be a while. Except for one I'm treating for IBS, which will never go away, they all seem healthy, but so did Pearl until 3 months ago.

It's interesting how the dynamics of the whole colony changes every time one drops off.

She used to sleep either in a pillow behind my monitor or on top of my old G4 tower underneath the desk. She's one of those that liked to sleep near me. Most of them amuse themselves and go off to their own place to sleep, but I still have 2 or 3 others that are office/desk cats. They're taking turns rotating in her spots now.

Thanks all, still pretty bummed, she was one of the closer ones. It's amazing how these creatures touch our lives.