She was pretty much totally healthy for 16 years, but about 3 months ago I noticed her ear was bothering her, they discovered a polyp deep in her ear that had become infected. Too old to operate so I was going to see if we could keep it maintained. She was on her 4th round of antibiotics though.

The polyp either caused, or was the cause of, her lower left jawbone density being compromised. Last week it seemed like her mouth had become sore. She had hardly eaten anything in over a week, not even tuna I pureed for her, and had lost over a pound in the last few weeks. On a 6.5 lb cat that was a lot. According to the X-ray we had done last week its density was a lot less than the other one.

Thyroid hyper-active, Liver values high too.

They put her on a strong antibiotic to try to kill the infection in the bone and ear plus other stuff for nausea, inflammation, appetite. She still kept going downhill. She always was a great patient, took her meds, worm pills etc, like a champ with no resistance. Wednesday night she told me that she was tired of it all though. She started smacking my hand when I tried to put anything into her mouth, so I stopped it all except for the Tramadol for pain.

Took her in to the vet one last time around noon today to stop the madness. See you on the other side of the bridge someday Pearl.

Here she is in better times.