I keep hearing some say the President and Dems should compromise !!

THEY DID ! they told the GOP they'd take THEIR (GOP) budget numbers and the GOP said NO !!
so much for reaching out !!!

I hope that number spreads to 50% by the time this is over....

OH BTW here's my prediction..

1. Dems & BO won't cave- they can't -they've done before an it just emboldens the TP and set these up to go on forever... a NEW PRECEDENCE needs to be set - no blackmail on other issues during Budget and Debt Ceiling negotiations.

2. GOTP won't give up. Boehner is stuck- TP has him in their sights. can you smell burnt turkey ?

3. We go until Oct 17th- the Debt Ceiling deadline.

4. With NO compromise in sight and the fiscal cliff minutes away, BO by executive order raises it thus saving the US economy for the 2nd time in 5 years !!

5. House moves to Impeach BO ?? (will they ??) Senate won't convict.

ANY one else have a prediction ??