The mystery explained, why did he choose the three-fingered salute. I know I've lost sleep over it.

Each of the links below gives some different info the other doesn't, kind of interesting, for me anyway. I'm in the middle of configuring one Windows computer while another is waiting for a diagnoses.



I tought this was good at the end of the CNN link;

That included helping keep what would become Microsoft's fiercest rival afloat in the 1990s when it was foundering.

"In the Apple II era, we were kind of friendly competitors," he said. "We actually put more people on the Mac than Apple had."

When co-founder Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1996, "he sort of says, 'I want this, this and this and I'll give you this, this and this.' ... We did the deal in three days," Gates said.

That included buying a 6% share of Apple, which lawyers convinced Gates that Microsoft shouldn't keep for antitrust reasons.

"It would have been nice if we had," he said.