Good grief... just leave dude. You woulda thunk he was Bill Gates

Monkey Boy has left the building.

From the comments section:

That's a coincidence. I'm moved to tear nearly every time I use one of his products.
He was outraged at being asked to resign, so I doubt very much he actually wanted to "thank" anyone for anything except a little more ego-fuel.
Respectfully, I don't believe Ballmer 'did well enough'. I jettisoned the stock after holding it for years because of him. and an near $1B writedown over the Surface failure is also unlikely to be considered 'well enough'. In the end, but for "Developers, developers, developers", steve was a disaster.
Pockets full, sad that I must go now. Tears in his eyes as there is so much more money to be had.
He knows that he's going to go down in history as one of the stupidest CEO's of any tech company. He consistently dropped the ball with consumer products. Ballmer was under the delusion that the general public "likes" Windows. No one but fanboys, alpha nerds, and old IT guys "like" Windows. Everyone else tolerated it because their jobs forced it, and until the mobile market exploded it was the only OS available on cheap Walmart and Best Buy computers. The fool actually believed putting "Windows" on everything was gold. He should have been fired years ago.
Maybe they can start being innovative and current for a change. The company that created the Zune which never scratched the Surface.

It appears that autocorrect has become my worst enema.