Geez I didn't really notice... did you have the stabilizer on ?

Yep, everyone has different tastes... I once kept a tarantula and a praying mantis (separate of course)... just to observe them. Ended up letting the tarantula go after a month (fall approaching and I assumed he'd hibernate) and the mantis laid an egg case and died after about a week. Had that cage in my room over the winter and then one day in the spring I noticed all these little "things" in the cage... 100s of tiny mantids !! Took them all outside and released them - THAT was cool... I tried to spread them out as much as I could because I knew they'd eat each other. Was hoping to find new mantises in the yard over the summer. I did find some, but never kept any more... animals are just fascinating to me !

So you like snakes... not the 1st person to be mesmerized by them ! wink
But I will say you have a beautiful collection ! very colorful like tropical fish...