Hey Yoyo ... BUT they did verify creation and the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve didn't they ! wink . . . . Texas needs to know !! laugh

What many forget or ignore is this information was passed down for centuries by word of mouth- i.e. story telling.... it wasn't written down until much later in the Bible. Even the Dead Sea Scrolls were written but from the verbal stories! SO how much fact was adulterated ? (Guess that makes the story tellers adulterers !! laugh ) Seriously, and even when written and passed down during the Dark and Middle ages... how much was changed , tweaked, played up and moderated ? ANY one who thinks the King James Bible is really the literal word of God is a fool ! It has some good lessons in it and some good messages... but they're far from actual events and facts. I see them as a series of parables... just get the message and forget the details. The meat is in the message.

I loved how William Jennings Bryan asked the Biblical scholars at the Scopes trial, if the sun really stopped (means the earth stopped rotating) at the battle of Jerico, Why did we all not go flying off in space ? Musta been those aliens and their gravitational force field that saved the Israelites ! wink