Don't have any data, but I think there's a "core" that is PAID to do so... think if you're a billionaire and you can hire thugs and crazies for $15 / hr or even $30,000 a year... don't you think you'd have many takers ? Furthermore, you'll be spending "chump change" (hiring chumps) to further your billions !! it's got to be a 1000 : 1 return !!! mad And all you need is a few 100, and they'll draw several hundred more. Afterall I don't think that many can afford to take of work and stage these demonstrations and attend so many political rallies... unless whistle . . . THAT is their work !

I saw this first hand in a local election in the Bay area CA back in the 1980's. IF they can do it locally, why not nationally ?? I don't have any doubts some is going on ! Question is how much?
David (OFI)