A couple things not quite right with the final.
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I realize that they had to devise something that might be feasible to kill all the Nazis so they come up with this remote control contraption. are we really expected that he could rig a device that would just happen to catch all the bad guys although I saw two boxes of 200 rounds in the trunk. The weapon will fire about 600 rpm . I timed the fire and it fired exactly 40 seconds which is an out right. But still?

Also, in the scene with Gretchen and Elliot, he threatens them with assassins who are to determine if they give Junior 9 million dollars after he dies. Wouldn't one think, rightly, that instead of just taking the $200,000 Walt paid them that after he left, they would just kill the Schartzs and take the 9 mill?

Also, I thought it flakey, that Jack would care if Walt thought Jesse was his partner. He was going to kill him anyway.

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