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Why can't the Dems do a big "enough is enough" campaign like the bally hoo-ed "contract with America" that gave the House back to the Pubs? Why is that slick, if often skimpy on details, packaging usually the purvey of the Pubs?

Because Fox, CNN and ABC are hell-bent to follow any rightwing talking point to diminish the President . and crap like Cruz's blabfest gets heralded as a "filibuster', a big win for his bid for the White House and as something that is somehow relevant to actual legislating.

Way can't CNN or ABC (and NBC's MtP) actually challange Obamacare or debt ceiling misinformation and lies by GOP on their shows and stop treating it as valid arguments?

Obama has worked his @ss off to promote the enrollment of the ACA and the necessity to raise the debt ceiling but the media all but ignores him. Panic, hate and GOP opposition to anything Obama promotes is where the ratings are at or at least what drives their advertising revenue.