Wrote a letter to my 3 Congressmen. Cruz, Ghomert, and Cornyn...


Dear Congressman,

I am dismayed at the progress of the budget and the stalemate in Congress. You are doing the country a great disservice by trying the repeal of a LAW to a denial of a continuation of government function. It is both irrational and irresponsible. Like the President said, how would Republicans feel if there was a Republican president and Democratic Congress and the Democratic Congress said we will not pass a budget unless you raise corporate tax rates 40%? You would think that behavior is outrageous and you would be correct. That is exactly what youíre doing with the Affordable Health Care Act. It sets a very BAD precedence for future Presidents.

As it had been stated many many times before. The Affordable Health Care Act was passed by Congress, signed by the President, validated by the Supreme Court of the United States, and lastly, approved by the people by the reelection of Pres. Barack Obama. It is a LAW, although not perfect, it is much better than what we have had in the past. If youíre unhappy with it, work with the President to fix what you donít like. Where are the Republican ideas for fixing the health care problems of rising costs and many uninsured citizens ? You have put forth NOTHING ! In addition ACA, is exactly like that in MA which was pushed through by Mitt Romney (Romneycare - a GOP idea)... so it's bad if it's proposed by a Democrat, but good if it was a Republican ? Totally illogical.

If you continue with this behavior, I hope the wrath of the voters comes down on GOP heads in November 2014. The public is tired of you playing these silly games and holding the country hostage, as well as our credit rating hostage; screwing up the stock market; and along with it many of our retirement funds. You better think this one through very carefully. Forget the Tea Party, they are going to wreck the GOP. Only about 18 to 20% of Americans approve of the Tea Party. So assuming the country is split about 50-50%, youíre going to listen to the 18% Tea Party and ignore the other 32% of your base? That is stupid and totally illogical. Is there anyone left in the GOP with any common sense ?

Please pass a CLEAN BILL and move on !!!

Dr. DLCox

P.S. And do NOT repeat this crap when the debt ceiling comes up ! These actions do nothing but screw up the whole country. There are PEOPLE out here who are struggling & suffering !!!
For GOD's, sake show some compassion and humanity !!!

Letís be Clear:

Youíre (GOP) not fooling anyone with this whiney debt talk. Let me refresh your memory. Bill Clinton got the deficit and the debt under control in the late 1990s with no help from congressional Republicans. Your party's President, George W. Bush came in and gave away that surplus putting us back on the road to more deficits and more debt. He also started 2 wars and didnít pay for it, and then ignored regulations and we had a stock market and home mortgage collapse throwing millions out of work. All of this created huge deficits and debt. So donít talk to the American people about debts and deficits when we were on the right track until GW and your party screwed us up and put us back on the path Reagan and GHW Bush started in 1981. Think where we'd be today if in 2001 when the debt was only $5.7 trillion, we'd continued Clinton budget policies and NOT gone down the spending road with GW. We might be looking at a $2-3 trillion debt instead of a $17 trillion (most racked up by GOP Presidents - check the CBO numbers).
David (OFI)