Okay, I've given it some time. I've read through every thread on Apple support community discussion on the Music App. I've reached my conclusion.

Apple blew it with the Music app. It sucks and need some help quick!

All of these problems did not exist prior to iOS7.

My primary use of my iPad is listening to my music. The previous iOS iTunes app was perfect for my music obsession, the mobility at home with easy access to all my music and web browsing in the bedroom, study or patio -- usually through shared library to my MacPro, using headphone or hooking it up to my home stereo. My MacPro iTunes library is approx 120GB and is perfectly organized and every song has the perfect album art associated with it . There's nothing missing, the artwork displayed beautifully on the iPad when selected in grid format and highlights large with the song listing. A small selection of the iTunes albums were downloaded onto my iPad, now located in the Music App.

The loss of the album art grid or coverflow options is a huge loss of functionality.
Albums in an artist list appear to be in random order, no longer by date. Reset doesn't help.

Songs within the album list may appear in random order at any given moment. Reset doesn't help.

Scrolling through long artists list through every song to find an album is ridiculous.

And most annoying, my meticulous and precise album art is getting switched to unwanted crap from the iTunes Store. This is slowly happening to all my files stored on the iPad. For example, the album art for Ram now shows as a dorky picture of McCartney U2's Pop cover is now a stupid picture of the band .. ahhhggg! Stop this.

"Show all Music" setting is off I don't need every purchase my daughter made on my account since 2008 showing up in my music library. "iTunes Match" is off. Why is the iTunes Store polluting my music library and artwork files I created from ripped CDs?

Worst of all, if I backup my iPad onto my MacPro (Lion) is this unwanted stuff going to hijack my iTunes library too?

What was Apple thinking with Music in iOS7? Me and many others are not just upset and disappointed we are severely pissed off.