And in comparison:

W's List:

1. Squandered Clinton surplus (we were paying the debt down- you know the one they're whining about right now).

2. Ignored 9-11 warnings (now I can go get Hussein)

3. Mismanaged Afghanistan - let OBL get away, Decided he really wasn't worth it after all.

4. Fabricated data / intelligence to start a false war with Iraq... preemptively ! (1st in American history).

5. Really took the Iraq war and through pathetic management made FUBAR out of it.... not greeted as liberators. Oh well, F them - bring it on !

6. Ignored Katrina disaster for days - great job Brownie... they're all Dems anyway !!

7. Let the Banks / Wall St run wild - hate them regulators. Oops ! Economic collapse. Worst since Great Depression. Thank God my retirement is safe !!

Did I miss anything ?? sick