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Two, the people mowing the course are out at 5AM or so cutting the grass each day. I finally got used to the sound of mowing this year, after living here seven years. Still bothers Mrs. Stumpy, though.

Contact your Local Co-operative Extention and have them
contact the Grounds Keeper to advise them that Grass
SHOULD NOT Be Cut In the Mornings.

Cutting grass is essentially Wounding Every Single Blade
of Grass..left to then face the Heat of Day doubles-down
on the Stress Factor!
Conventional Wisdom dictates that the grass Should be cut
in the Eventing, and allowed to recover, during the Night.

Water at dawn... allowing the water to soak the root zone
and allowing the blades of grass to dry in the early sun
to avoid fungal & disease problems.
Cut at Dusk to allow the wounded blades to seal & heal.

& SHARPEN Your Blades Every Spring to make surgical cuts
rather than tearing the blade which is Much harder to heal.