Playing the quiz this morning reminded me of an old article in Reader's Digest of the above title about sports figures mis-quoting common sayings, usually in total innocence.

A few examples:

A manager of some team, when asked about solving a problem with a player or the competition, was quoted as saying something like, "We had to nip that in the butt."

There was a coach of the Boston Bruins, as I recall, a French-Canadian lacking a tooth or two, who loved his team to play a very physical game. When questioned about a particularly rough game, he grinned and said, "We didn't play by the Queen of Marksberry rules tonight!"

A manager of a baseball team was asked to comment on the spectacular fielding of one of his outfielders during a game. He was quoted as saying, "His limitations are limitless!"

And then, Yogi Berra. When considering the job of Mets Manager, he was asked, "Yogi, have you made up your mind about the Mets job yet?"

"Not that I know of," he replied.

My guess is Yogi knew full well what he was saying. He's 88 now.

Some great things about the quizzes are that they bring back good memories. Also, they are humbling in that some things you ought to be able to recall just don't pop out when you need them.

"Seek for the merit in others, even the tiniest shred. Then do the same in yourself"
-Reb Nachman