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A great quote from Andrew Sullivan about the GOP, but it also zeroes in on Cruz and his TeaParty supporters:

The thing that staggers me about the Republican hatred of this law is its abstract quality. They never address the real problem of our massively inefficient private healthcare market, which is a huge burden on the economy. They never address how to help the millions of uninsured adults get the care all human beings need. They appear to regard a Heritage Foundation, free-market-designed, private healthcare exchange system as some kind of communist plot. They do not seem to believe there is any pressing problem at all. And they have nothing constructive to offer.

This is not about Obamacare. It is not even about politics. It is about a form of revolt against the very country they live in.

And they ransom the ACA for the full plate of ideological policies or threaten to crash the global economy.

I agree with all of that. Also consider the TeaParty/GOP embrace of a free-for-all 2nd Ammendment ideology that has a strong undercurrent of unregulated citizen weaponry and threats of violence to "take back" and bring down the government.

The American Taliban indeed.

Well said.