John...nothing wrong with the SS that Congress can't fix.
Like this fiscal debacle it's all Self-imposed crisis !!!

#1 Congress -quit stealing from it ! as someone mentioned the lock-box...

#2 Congress - pay all you've stolen back ! (fat chance) - it'd be solvent to 2100 !!

#3 - take the f-ing cap off- why should those making <$110K pay 6.5% of their income into SS and those making more LESS (a smaller %)?? Someone making $1 million would pay 0.6% !!!

#4 Dems don't like this one, but we DO need to slowly increase the eligibility age... up to 70... again phase in over 2-3 decades. People are just living longer and work longer ! It's the changing times !!

So it's VERY FIXABLE... Congress just doesn't want to do their dammed job !! mad
David (OFI)