Over the last two decades, the health insurance that my school provides has become more expensive every year. Some years the cost rises by 10 or 15%. Some years it rises "only" 6 or 7%. But it always rises. As a result, my school has changed providers and options to keep the costs down as much as possible, but the consequence is that our current health insurance plan, which costs significantly more than the plan we had just five years ago, is basically not worth the paper it's written on. It's a PITA to use, the deductibles are astronomical, the "out of network" penalties are horrible--if the company agrees to pay them at all, which initially they won't and then you have to spend the following three months getting them to do so.

It's a damned mess.

And none of it has anything to to with Obamacare. All of it has to do with the insurance companies, middle men who do nothing much beyond shuffling paper. I hate the Republicans for having made single payer impossible, and even more, I hate Sen. Mealymouth, I mean Lieberman, for playing along with the Republicans because he represented Connecticut, home of the insurance industry. I wonder how much of a payoff there was there.
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