The Kaiser Medical system is about as close to Universal Health care as you can get... only problem is if you're in Kaiser you have a more limited choice of Drs. You have more choice of Drs under ACA than in Kaiser, yet I hear few complain about that system. (I had Kaiser from 1979-1984 and liked it.) They are set up to control costs, and it works, that's why many use them. Less expensive, but still good solid care. Seems to me that what ACA is trying to do !!!

As I said in another thread, The GOTP is scared sh!tless that Obamacare will WORK... then like SS and Medicare they can't ever kill it, even if they ever got total control again. If it were truly as bad and a train wreck as they say - they'd let the Dems walk into the quagmire and then pound them later and probably win a sweeping election and control all key parts of the govt... but that's NOT the case... and they know it!! grin
Thus we get 2 yr old temper tantrums like Cruz just threw !!