I bothers me terribly that folks think they need to censor books or documents written at a time when our customs and mores were different. By doing this we are losing a sense of history. It's a shame.

Like those who want to censor
Stephen fosters songs. A shame.

About slavery and trying to forget it happened. It didn't. We need to remember it so it won't happen again. But we don't need to censor it. We don't need to change the accounts written during that time. We need to read exactly how those involved discussed it. I've been reading some diaries of those during the civil war from the south and from the north. Reading how southern monied folk talked about their "servants" .
As for those folks who are descendants of slaves, they should not be embarrassed or forgetful of that experience. They should, instead, embrace it. To endure that part of history is a great achievement. I applaud them. That's how I personally look upon a person of descent from slavery. I don't look with disdain but with reverence.

I was reading about Kareem Abdul Jabar recently. I remember when he changed it from Lewis Alcinder after he became a pro in the NBA. He had researched his family true to find that they were slaves under a man named Alcinder. Thus his name. So , of course, he might want to change it.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time