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Really? I thought the ending was not very good. How did he survive? Him riding into the storm was stupid & predictable. The storm looked too fake.

And Dave, you didn't notice how calm the water was? And no wind or rain? And he was able to just take her body out of a hospital and nobody says anything? Storm or not, things don't get so crazy that the nurses don't notice the machine hooked up (monitors on the unit) aren't working, a man pushes a bed out of the hospital, and then takes her body to a boat.

Him showing up in the northwest as a logger/driver was new identity?

Is he still killing? I would think yes.

I would rather have him go on a rampage due to the loss and then get shot/killed by Quinn or Batista. THAT would have been a great ending.

Disappointed in it. This whole series lasted too long IMO.