Went to the Apple store....
I held all 3 versions of the 5s. After reviewing and playing with them... here are a few observations.
Bear in mind that I was about to order the gold one online last night when I thought I should go to the store and see the color first.

The black one is cool. I have only had the black versions, while my wife has the white 5.
The only 2 negatives I have about the black are... the small bezel ring around the Home button on the white and gold are reflected in the colored bezel on those models. The black you can't see cuz it's blk on blk. Small thing... until you see the bezels on the 2 white fronts... they do look cool. The other issue is the OS. The old OS looked cool on either version... but now the black phone looks forbidding around the new candy iOS.
I could have had a blk one from the ATT kiosk in the mall. They had 1 iP5 and it was 64 GB and blk. I'm going 64GB... but not blk.
That was pain for me since I could have one RIGHT NOW as opposed to waiting in that monster line further down the mall in front of the Apple Store or ordering online and waiting.

As far as the gold..it's so mellow and subdued... that I was caught between it and silver one equally It's more like a faint champagne gold.. Seeing as to how it's going to be in case anyways... I could go either way if it meant getting the silver one faster, As it is.. I'm just going to order the gold one and wait.