IF it were only available for adults.. I'd agree, but we all know there are loads of irresponsible, cowardly parents out there that will let their kids have it just to SHUT them up ! crazy

I've never played any of the GTA series, because I don't get the fun of stealing cars, shooting civilians & police, and running over everything in sight, much less the language. Road race- yeah fun, but it can be much more reality (like NASCAR) and less violent and - the foul language. That's just shock value to appeal to KIDS !

Violent games are like guns, some responsible people can handle them properly but there are 10,000s that can't and don't and we end up with Newtons, DC navy yard, Aurora, Columbine... etc. I have played a few violent games like Diablo years ago, but it was FANTASY,& fairy tales not real streets, and real people.

Sorry we disagree on this one Sarge... I like you.. wink
David (OFI)