My life is officially on hold now. laugh

Anyway, great game and loads of fun. Best one yet IMO. Lots of fun stuff to do in it, like mountain biking!

But once again we're going to see the endless discussion of violence and video games. Personally I'm kind of tired of it, and I'm also tired of seeing kids 15-16 and under being given a game like this by their parents. Rockstar has repeatedly said the GTA series is a game made by adults, for adults and even said buying this game for your kid makes you a lousy parent. I saw a youtube video of a boy who looks all of 8 being given the game by his mom and he gets all hysterical and cries.

What.. the.. f*ck.

5 minutes after installing it he'll be bombarded by 200 uses of "n*gger", 150 uses of "f*ck" and 75 uses of "sh*t" - and that's just the first 10 minutes of dialogue. Then his parents will be wondering why they walk in and see a full on nude stripper, or some guy nailing a girl in a side alley because they didn't bother to see the "NOT FOR UNDER 18" label.


Hey I'm an F'n Jerk!