Hope you made it clear to them that you'd be passing
this information on to people quite literally NATION
WIDE in order that everyone you know would steer
clear of them in the future. grin "Uhavaniceday!"

I had something similar happen to me recently but
not not to the tune of anywhere close to the amount
they socked you for but...

On my way to Physical Therapy last month, the fellow
who assisted me in taking my seated walker out of
the backseat of the car pulled off the knob of the
locking device that makes it easier to get in and
out of the back seat (esp. since I'm usually the
only one around to wrestle it back in after any
trip to store etc.)

ANYWAY... The walker is made by Drive Medical..
The knob in question is a screw-on aluminum knob
that probably costs $0.50 to manufacture (at most)
...but when I called Drive Medical, they said I had
to go through a "Provider" who'd then have to
order the part.......Hokay.... smirk wotevah...

But I then asked, "While I have you on the phone,
can you please give me the Exact Part# since I
don't see it listed on the schematic..."

So he pulled up the schematic on his computer...
...and waited for him to locate it...............
then waited as he contacted Tech Support.........
only to be told to call them directly instead..?


Here's where it gets good;
Not only do I need to locate a "Provider" to order
the part.. the little SCREW-ON KNOB CANNOT BE
SOLD SEPARATELY ... since it's part of the locking
device to lock the folding undercarriage for the
entire walker.
smile "sorry"

After being reminded for the 5th time that it had
to be ordered thru "A Provider" I asked for a
"ball-park-figure" of what it would cost.... frown

$53.36... and that was to "The Provider"... who
could then charge ME whatever he wanted to.

SOOooo Remember the Name: DRIVE MEDICAL
...And Remember to TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS...! smirk cry

lil red knob__/