I upgraded to iOS7 tonight (Thursday). I did the Download Only in iTunes while I was busy doing practical stuff (like eating). Then, when I finally got the courage to push the Update button, it only took about 5 minutes to do the update. iOS7 seems pretty responsive on my iPhone 4S, certainly no slower than iOS6, and possibly faster. So far, it seems like a pretty solid upgrade. Everything works, nothing to fear. I really appreciate the Control Center (swipe up from bottom). Also the password screen seems easier for me to use; I too often made fat-finger mistakes in iOS6. I don't mind the "flatness" of the icons, never having been a big fan of Corinthian leather and spiral bindings. But I think "flatness" sells short the look. While the icons themselves may be "flat," the overall look has 3-D-ness to it. What do I not like? Still no import of my mail filters via iCloud, and no mail filters at all (that I can find). Why must I deal with spam on iPhone that I effectively block in OS X 10.8? iOS7 doesn't seem groundbreaking to me (on the iPhone 4S), but a nice solid upgrade. I'll continue to enjoy finding features. Cheers.
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