What news channels do I watch in the real world? Well, usually I check CNN . I get most of my regular TV news from them. During the debates I, I tried to catch CNN, msnbc, and FOX. To get different perspectives on the analyseses . That way I can get upset with everyone. But, day to day I get my news from the same online sites as above but also check ABC, google, and NPR. I check these sites several times a day.

But, as to the show The Newsroom, it's produced by some very heavy liberal folks so its going to be that. Like any program on TV it is just a show. It's fiction. Like Boardwalk Empire, Dexter. Each has its own premise.

I do like the performances Of several of the actors on The Newsroom. My favorites are, Jm, Don, Neal, Sloan and Charlie.
If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time